Almost Not Famous


work in progress

We see them in the spotlight and think we know them, musicians, athletes, actors and V.I.Ps. But what if the fortune and fame would have never showed up? What if there were too many doubts or they had no luck at all. This possibility shows Pascal Kerouche with his photo fiction “Almost Not Famous”.

German rap artist Samy Deluxe as a psychologist, Nico Suave as a mailman or German rock band guitarist Kris as a pro tennis player … in the series of pictures you see the stars in utopistic moments from a whole different side. The stories behind those photos are so different as the journeys through life of each individual.

Some, the fame saved them from the downfall, like rap artist Afrob, that present himself inside a jail cell, because he thinks without the music he would have been stuck in jail for a long time. Famous German TV chef Tim Mälzer sees himself as a drummer in a popular rock band. During the shoot he told photographer Pascal Kerouche his story why he had to get rid of his dream and rather revolutionize the German food culture instead.

The growing series of pictures is a work in progress. After a success of the first presentation during a solo exhibition in Hamburg, Germany Pascal is traveling over the big ocean to continue the idea in the U.S. to simply ask and find an answer to the easy question: What if?

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ANF - Tim Maelzer

ANF - Eko Fresh

ANF - Samy Deluxe

ANF - Kris

ANF - Nico Suave

ANF - Leema

ANF - Buzz-T

ANF - Afrob

ANF - Mixwell

ANF - Grace

ANF - Flomega

ANF - Max Mutzke